0508 and 0800 toll-free Numbers for Business and Personal use

Add a toll-free number to your existing phone plan, or use as a stand-alone number – apply now!

NZ 0800 Number and 0508 Number Service

Adding free phone 0800 or 0508 numbers can help remove the barrier of call costs from impacting on your client inquiries. You can choose to use this service in conjunction with a Dynamite IT phone plan, or run it completely separately and retain your existing telephone provider.

We offer some of the best priced free phone number plans in New Zealand. With no monthly account fee and incoming calls at only 26c ex-GST (30c inc GST) per minute, getting the best 0800 number has never been so cost-effective and easy.

With a New Zealand free phone number, potential clients no longer need to pay to call you from a landline or mobile, making it that much easier for them to contact you over your competitors. Making it free to call your 0800 number from a mobile could be the difference between a potential client call you or a competitor. As competition levels increase for businesses around New Zealand, make the decision today to remove this barrier from clients contacting your business.

I don’t have a business, can I still get an 0800 Number?

You sure can – our plans are for both business and personal

How am I invoiced?

Our toll-free services operate on a prepaid system.  Invoice based options are available for customers using our VoIP phone systems.

How does it work?

We forward your toll-free 0800 number to your existing landline or mobile number.  There’s no apps to download, just simple toll-free services that just work.

What is the cost of New Zealand 0508 or 0800 Numbers?

People often ask us what it costs to have an 0800 number. We are one of the cheapest 0800 number providers in Wellington and around New Zealand!

Calling rates only 26c ex-GST (30c inc GST) per minute with no minimum usage or monthly account fees!

0508 or 0800 numbers redirecting to any NZ phone

Line charge: $0!
Calls: $0.26c ex-GST (30c inc GST) per minute

If you are looking for a cost-effective toll-free phone number for your business or for personal use, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Is there a minimum contract term for a toll-free number?

No, there is no minimum contract term, simply give us 30 days notice if you want to cancel or transfer your 0800 or 0508 number.  It is that simple!

What’s a word number?

A word number is the 6 digits plus number range following the 0800 or 0508 prefix that is either designed to be catchy or represent your business to ensure it is memorable for your customers.

As an example take our sister company HostingNZ’s toll-free number 0800 Web Guy (932 489). This number represents our web hosting business and makes it easy for customers to remember.

Can I search for an available number?

Yes, please check our 0800 number search tool

Order your NZ 0508 or 0800 toll-free phone number now

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We can also reduce your outbound call costs with a VoIP phone system for your business. We can tailor a phone line package to suit your business needs. Contact the local Upper Hutt team for additional information.