Secure Cloud Backup

Give your business the peace of mind with our private and secure cloud backup solution from only $20 a month

Cloud backup offers your business a great peace of mind in knowing your important data is backed up every night and stored offsite.

What is a secure cloud backup?

Backing up your files and documents “in the cloud” simply means your backup data is stored on a server computer which you can access using the internet. These cloud servers are still physical hardware, however, you don’t need to worry about maintenance and hosting of these files which saves your business both time and money.

How secure is cloud storage?

Your backups are encrypted using 256-bit SSL Encryption, in our Data Centre in Lower Hutt, Wellington. We also backup your backups and store them in a different data centre.

What’s the retention period?

We recommend at least 7 days of backups, however the retention period can be customised for every backup.

How much backup space will I need?

Our backup software utilises data deduplication, because of this the backups are nowhere as big as the data.  Generally speaking, to retain 7 days of backups, you will require approx 1.25 times your data storage.  For example, if you have 1tb of files, 7 days backed up with data deduplication, you’d likely need 1.25tb.

What is the cost of Secure Cloud Backup?

50gb: $20 per month
500gb: $55 per month
2tb: $85 per month
Unlimited: $120 per month

If you are looking for a secure online storage provider based in New Zealand, contact Fraser and the friendly team at Dynamite IT.

Add your cloud backup costs to your phone bill

If you would like a simplified approach to your cloud backup, you can combine this with any other Dynamite IT service such as an 0800 number or broadband internet. For a custom monthly plan for your business, contact the Dynamite IT team today.