The Benefits of Using Local Managed IT Services in Wellington

New Zealand IT Support

It wasn’t that long ago that people first started to offer managed IT services. Ever since then, the popularity of this service has been exploding. In fact, the global market for managed services is expected to nearly double just between 2020 and 2026! 

Why are people so interested in finding the best IT services Wellington can offer? And why do they choose local New Zealand IT support?

Whether you want fast internet in Wellington or just to know how to protect data in New Zealand, read on to learn about why local managed IT services might be the right choice for you!

Save Money With IT Companies in Wellington 

Before people started offering Managed IT services, each business just had to hire its own dedicated IT support team. However, this was not very efficient. Often, this team would have nothing to do.

Since in-house IT teams often had nothing to do, they would sometimes be surprised when a big problem happened. That could slow down the resolution of the problem.

Managed IT companies are much more efficient. You only need IT Services when you need them. So why pay for them the rest of the time?

Instead, you can simply Outsource your IT services to a local managed services provider.

The savings on this kind of decision can be astounding. When you think about it, this makes sense. Of course, it would be far less expensive to hire someone only when you need them instead of having to provide for the entire livelihood of a person or multiple people.

Modern technology is pretty reliable, so it works fine most of the time. That means that a single IT expert can manage the problems that occur in multiple companies.

That is the original idea behind managed IT services, and that is why so many people have flocked to buy this new, improved version of IT support

Enjoy the Services of IT Companies in Wellington on Demand 

Managed IT services companies are monitoring the needs of clients all the time. They never know which of their clients will need help at a given moment, so they have to be prepared to help at the drop of a hat.

The end result is that when you need them, they are highly responsive. Using a local provider means that they will always be available during your own business hours.

It is hard to overstate the value of this kind of responsiveness. Modern technology is like roads and electricity. If they go out, it is simply impossible to perform the normal functions of our society.

Every hour that your company is unable to use its technology translates to a lot of lost money. When things are bad enough, it can lead to a loss of reputation. No matter how good you are services and products are, you will not be able to deliver them in a timely manner without your technology functioning properly. 

Make Sure That Your IT Services Are Familiar With Cloud Storage in New Zealand 

IT companies in New Zealand are far more likely to understand the local rules about Wellington broadband, cloud storage, and more. That means that you will not have to take time to explain your problems. They will already be intimately familiar with all the common problems that occur in New Zealand.

This is another way that hiring local Managed IT services can save you time. Not only will you not have to explain your problems in excess of detail to your managed services provider, but they will also be able to solve your problems faster.

When you think about it, that makes sense. After all, managed services providers see all the most common problems with technology. And local providers know all the problems that are most common in your specific area.

Support the Local Economy With Your Business Continuity Plan

Everyone wants the best quality and price that they can get. But if possible, it is always great to support your local economy at the same time. Local managed IT services are a powerful way to accomplish all of these aims at the same time.

Of course, this can benefit both parties in the equation. The owners and workers at a local managed IT services company will interact with other businesses in the same area. Forming a business relationship with them can mean that they talk about you when they meet other people.

At the end of the day, there is a very good reason that many business empires have been built by forming relationships with other local businesses nearby. People support each other when they have the chance. Working with a local managed services provider means giving them a chance to support you in other ways that are harder to measure but no less powerful. 

Enjoy the Best IT Services Wellington Has to Offer

We hope that you were able to take away something helpful from this brief article on a few of the reasons that local New Zealand IT support can benefit your business. Finding the best IT services Wellington offers can make sure that you enjoy fast internet in Wellington and ensure that you use the best practices to protect data in New Zealand. It is more than worth taking the time and effort necessary to find the right IT services for your needs.

To learn more about how you can find the best IT services for your needs, feel free to reach out and get in touch with us here at any time! 

IT Companies in Wellington NZ: How to Find the Right One for You

IT companies Wellington

5 out of 10 companies outsource some of their IT functions, while another 2 companies plan to do so soon.

So, you should follow this trend for your business to survive and thrive in this digital era. The idea is to work with the top IT specialists, thereby reducing downtime and boosting cybersecurity. Besides, outsourcing IT services frees time to focus on core business functions.

With so many IT companies in Wellington, it’s a headache to decide the best one to hire. You’re not sure whether the company you’re considering is trustworthy. Besides, you fear wasting money on an incompetent company that delivers inferior IT services.

To help you out here is how to find the right IT Company in Wellington, NZ.

Find out the Company’s Location

As a business owner in Wellington, you’ll wonder whether it’s a have to hire an IT service provider in the same area. Although it’s not mandatory to hire a local IT services company, doing so offers many gains. For one, a local company is quick to provide onsite IT services when the need arises.

Besides, it’s easy to review the qualification of various IT services companies in Wellington. The reason is that you can visit the offices of these companies and find out more about the range of services they offer. Also, a face-to-face meeting with the IT service provider makes it easy to gauge his/her expertise.

So, to get value, you must insist on getting a local IT service in Wellington. You want to hire a nearby company that you can trust to offer timely onsite IT support. A local firm knows the common IT problems businesses in Wellington’s face and offers reliable solutions.

Examine the Area of Expertise

Many business owners assume that all IT companies NZ are the same, which is wrong. Understand that the IT industry is vast, and different companies specialize in different niches. For instance, some companies’ area of expertise is cybersecurity, while others offer PC repairs.

So you need to check the range of services various IT companies in Wellington offer to decide the one to hire. You’re looking for a company that offer IT services that match your business’s needs. For instance, to securely store business data, search for a company that offers cloud services.

Check Availability and Responsiveness

One of the biggest motivations for outsourcing IT support in Wellington is to minimize downtime. So, it’s frustrating when you face IT problems and you can’t reach your IT service provider. Or this company takes forever to offer a solution.

To avoid these struggles, check the responsiveness of different IT services companies in Wellington. You’re looking for a company that offers 24/7 IT support to its clients. Besides, you want a highly responsive company that you can trust to resolve your IT issues fast.

With the help of this company, you’ll quickly manage any IT problems that arise and reduce downtime. Doing this will help eliminate employee idle time and boost productivity.

Request Quotes from Different IT Companies in Wellington

Many small business owners are reluctant to outsource IT services and technology solutions as they assume it’s costly. That’s why most of these businesses opt to have in-house IT teams. The problem is that these teams aren’t fully equipped to meet these businesses’ IT needs.

So, instead of assuming, you should get quotes from various IT companies in Wellington. You’ll be surprised to learn it’s cheaper to outsource IT services than having in-house IT specialists. All you need is to search for a company that offers reliable IT help in Wellington at a fair price.

Also, look for an IT support company that offers a friendly and flexible payment contract. This company aims to make it easy and affordable for small and medium businesses to access its IT services. So, you can rely on this company to offer an affordable IT support plan that suits your businesses’ needs.

Evaluate Compatibility

To have smooth operations, you need to develop a good working relationship with your IT service provider. That’s why you should look for an IT support company that understands your needs. You want a company that serves clients in the same industry as your business.

Also, the ideal IT support company is the one that has invested in enhancing effective communication with its clients. This company understands that the major cause of conflicts is communication breakdown. So, it does everything it can to prevent any miscommunication as it understands IT issues are costly to your business.

So when comparing various IT companies in Wellington, you must check compatibility. Look for a company that you’ll work well together, and you can trust with your business data.

Read Online Reviews and Seek References

To find the best support service in Wellington, you’ll need to seek the help of other business owners. You want to see how they rate the IT services different companies in Wellington offers. Besides, you’re seeking their options on the quality of customer service these companies offer.

You’re looking for an IT support service company with an outstanding reputation. Also, this company has many positive reviews for delivering exceptional customer service. So you can trust this company to deliver IT services and technology solutions that fit your business’s specifications.

So, strive to find a credible website where you can read genuine reviews and testimonials.

Get an Edge by Hiring the Right IT Service in Wellington

By carefully comparing the qualifications of various IT companies in Wellington, you’ll know the best one to hire. You want a reputable company that charges fair rates for the IT services you need. Also, you’re looking for a highly responsive and trustworthy IT support service provider.

Call us today to find out more about the amazing IT solutions we offer.

Reach New Heights with the Best IT Support Wellington Has to Offer

IT Support Wellington

When used correctly, technology has a lot to offer to help your business achieve greater heights. Information technology, abbreviated as IT, includes different forms of technology that you can use to create, use, exchange and store information.

Every business hopes to one day soar high with no wasted resources. Information technology takes your business a little closer to this dream. It offers different tools that are efficient, eliminate waste and improve the efficiency of your business. Below are some ways IT can help your business reach new heights;

Better Communication

To achieve greater heights in your business, you need a better communication process to improve productivity. Timely and clear communication helps share expectations and solves problems quickly. We offer fast internet in Wellington for businesses to enable quick decision-making and help ease your business’s expansion into a new market or territory.

We can set up email servers, internal company billboards, chat servers and routers, the central point for communication. Electronic based communication offers a quick and easy way to disseminate information efficiently.

Also, we offer VoIP phone services to enable your business to make telephone calls across the globe at a meagre cost. Our specialists can set your NZ business number to VoIP to enjoy scalability, flexibility, unified communications with more features like email voicemail, and so much more.

Your employees can also use this technological equipment to communicate the business status report to executives, using the same channels to keep employees updated on critical projects. You can also rely on electronically based communication to stay in touch with customers and your business partners.

Stay Ahead of Competition

Information technology uses resources that enable a business to have a competitive advantage. By using our IT services Wellington, you can easily create new products according to the market statistics. You can also find a new way to differentiate your product from existing brands in the market and improve your customer support.

IT solutions offer businesses a cost-effective product strategy that reduces employee overhead costs and increases productivity.

Increased Workplace Efficiency

IT support will help improve your business’s workplace efficiency by using technologically advanced workflow systems, collaborative workspaces and shared storage. Therefore, your employees get to handle more work in a shorter duration.

Besides, information technology systems make data easy to analyze and automate routine tasks to save on time. With automation, you ensure business continuity planning for the tasks without manual effort or interference.

The system can also store data in an easy to retrieve manner. We also offer data backup to make information available even after power surges. Thus, there is no chance of losing data or having to redo the same task again.

Access All Business-Related Information Anywhere

The cloud is a remote server that you can access remotely through the internet. A good example is Google.

Google servers hold all your data, and thus, you can access it irrespective of your location, provided you have an internet connection. We offer cloud backup and cloud storage in New Zealand.

Therefore, your employees can access any information, application, or documents they need even when not in the office; This is particularly important, especially with the coronavirus pandemic’s onset, where the emphasis is put on employees to work from home.

Cloud backup gives them the same amount of resources and access as physically present at the office. The cloud offers your business a chance to become more efficient, reduce their maintenance cost and best utilize their physical space.

By storing your business’s information on the cloud, you eliminate the need to have a physical server in the office. Thus, you do away with maintenance costs too.

Better Collaboration through Project Management Software

The success of any business is ensured by every employee staying on task with a proper plan to accomplish the day’s objective. Dynamite IT can install project management software to assign projects, track their progress, among other helpful features to enhance collaboration.

Project management software helps organize projects, issue assignments and obtain a summary for each task. Thus, you get a clearer picture of what needs accomplishing at every task stage.

Time management is essential. You need to ensure that each task is completed effectively and on time. Our IT support can help install and adapt to new technology, which improves your company’s efficiency and timely completion of tasks.

Faster and Reliable Connections

If your business consists of more than ten employees, you need a reliable business broadband connection. Broadband for business offers unlimited data transfer capabilities, better efficiency, static IP addresses and additional services tailored to your business needs. Dynamite IT offers a fast business broadband service that is secure and reliable, enabling your business to work remotely and collaboratively.

While many IT companies in New Zealand can offer broadband connections, it is essential to get dedicated customer support after installation. If your connection goes down, you might lose revenue or damage your reputation.

We offer round-the-clock customer support and timely solutions for our Wellington Broadband connection if any problem occurs.

Get In Touch Today for Unbeatable IT Support

Information technology offers businesses dramatic reductions in costs of how they obtain, process and transmit information. IT provides a competitive advantage and an easy way to access all business-related information remotely. You can also get your New Zealand business number set to VoIP for cheaper call rates across the globe.

IT enhances productivity and better time management by automating repetitive tasks and increasing collaboration among employees. With numerous IT companies in Wellington, you need one which offers IT support and reliable broadband. Get in touch with us today for your New Zealand IT support needs.

Should I Outsource IT Support or Hire In-House?

Should I Outsource IT Support or Hire In-House?

Owning a business makes you the decision-maker for yourself, your employees and investors. One of the more important and sometimes costly decisions is whether or not to hire an in-house IT support team or to outsource to a company that provides the service. Both options have pros and cons, but only one answer is right for your company.

Deciding to hire for IT support might seem like a difficult decision, but it doesn’t need to be. We’ll help guide you through the benefits of both in-house and outsourced IT support and show you what things you need to consider when choosing between the two.

Overall, choosing the right IT support option for you depends on your industry, how many employees you have, and the hardware and software you rely on daily. Below, we’ll walk you through both IT support types and help you decide which one is right for you and your business.

The Difference Between in-House and Outsourced IT Support

In-house IT support is exactly what it sounds like, a person or team who provides IT support that is within your employ. Whether a company has one IT technician or a whole team usually depends on the number of employees they have and the equipment that needs support. Large companies with thousands of employees typically have a whole team — sometimes more than one team — to keep up with IT support requests and upgrading technologies.

Outsourced IT support means that another company is providing your IT services, whether locally or entirely remote. When you outsource your IT needs, you don’t have an employee providing this service. Instead, you purchase only the support you need, allowing you to control your budget and get exactly what you need.

Reasons You Should Choose in-House IT Support

In-house IT support is traditionally more costly, because you pay an employee or a team to work full or part-time, keeping your equipment and software running. Taking on another employee requires a larger budget, but you also need to make sure they have enough work to do. For small businesses, this rarely makes sense, as the cost of salary, benefits, and training is often impractical for their current scale.

Reason #1: You Are a Large Company

Large and mid-sized companies have hundreds to thousands of employees. With so many employees, most of whom use computers and other devices for their daily work, it often makes sense to have in-house IT support. 

Depending on the industry, you may have a budget of 1% to even 10% of your yearly revenue for IT, which is enough to sustain a team of IT professionals to maintain computing equipment and answer support tickets. In addition, large companies often have many employees needing the help of an IT professional at any given time throughout the week.

Reason #2: Project-Based Needs

If your company has multiple projects that require specialised computing or support needs, you should consider having in-house IT support with credentials that fit the needs of each project. Hiring IT support for project-based work can also be costly, but you’ll want to have IT support available immediately when deadlines come quickly. Delays in time-sensitive projects can be more expensive than hiring more help.

Why Choose Outsourced IT?

According to the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment, 97% of all businesses in New Zealand are small businesses, which are not large enough to sustain a full-time IT support position. For the vast majority of companies, outsourced IT support is cost-effective and beneficial for their needs.

Reason #1: Scale vs Need

Small businesses typically have few employees and a small number of connected devices in need of support. When you only have five people working in your office at any given time, it’s unlikely that you will need an on-site IT professional all the time. In this case, it is more effective to purchase an IT support package from a trusted IT support partner.

Reason #2: Cost

IT support is often very cost-effective for small businesses. The cost for hiring an outsourced IT team is much less than hiring a full or part-time employee. You only pay for what you need or use. Also, you can choose what services would benefit you most and customise a plan that is right for your current needs.

Reason #3: Quality and Experience

IT support companies hire skilled and qualified professionals who have vast experience, often with different systems and technologies. Small businesses benefit from an experienced support technician familiar with most types of hardware and common software issues, without the increasing cost of ongoing training and education of an in-house IT professional.

Decide the Future of Your Business Today

As a business owner, IT likely isn’t in your wheelhouse. And with a small budget, accounting for an entire IT department may be an expense that just doesn’t make sense for your business.

We get it. That’s why Dynamite IT Solutions makes managing your computer technology simple and cost effective. Dynamite IT offers a wide range of IT support services in Wellington with plans and packages to maximise the performance of your business. 

As a Wellington based business ourselves, we understand the needs of local businesses. We have tailored our range of managed products and IT services to take the hassle out of your business infrastructure. Our response time is fast as we are based in Upper Hutt and service the Wellington region including Lower Hutt, Wellington CBD and Porirua City.

Dynamite IT believes in building streamlined IT systems that run so smoothly that you forget they’re there in the background. On top of professional IT systems, we also provide expert IT support to ensure you never feel alone. For a local team that can help with everything from 0800 numbers to web design, we are the IT experts you can trust and rely on – give us a call today.

4 Things to Consider When Hiring IT Support

4 Things to Consider When Hiring IT Support

With each major industry advancement in technology, companies must adapt and learn to use new hardware and software to keep up with their competition. As a business owner, training your staff how to utilise new technologies is a daunting task that many business owners rely on IT support to coordinate and execute. However, many businesses don’t have the budget or resources to hire an in-house IT team, and instead rely on a much more cost-effective and secure option — outsourcing IT support to a trusted local partner.

Below we’ll walk you through what to consider when hiring IT support services and what questions you should ask to vet your potential provider. Whoever you hire must have the experience and bandwidth that makes sense for your business. 

#1. Your Business Needs

The most crucial consideration when hiring IT support is your business’ needs. What is the size of your operation? Do you have only a few employees or are you supporting a large team? Is the extent of your technology usage a single inventory computer or is it a network of several devices that need to be connected 24/7? Consider the hours you operate and whether you need on-site services as well. Answering these questions will help you form an idea of what level of support you need and when you need it. 

24-Hour Support

System issues can happen at any time, day or night. Your IT support needs to be available when you have staff in the office. In addition, if your company operates 24 hours a day or if you run an online store, you may need 24-hour support to ensure you aren’t losing sales overnight. 

On-Site Vs. Off-Site Support

A second critical consideration is whether you need on or off-site support. If you have in-house servers and a lot of computer hardware or many connected devices, you will benefit most from having on-site help. On the other hand, if you handle most of your day-to-day business online and don’t have computer equipment that needs maintenance on-site, you may be perfectly well suited without. Off-site support is often much more budget-friendly, as IT personnel do not have to visit your office to provide services.

#2. Experienced IT Support

Top-quality support comes from highly experienced IT professionals. Before hiring an IT company in New Zealand, check out their academic background, working licence,  and any other professional certifications to make sure they are qualified to meet your business needs. If you can, do a little research into the clients they service and get an idea of the bandwidth they have to offer.

Be sure to ask how many employees they have. A larger IT company may be better able to support larger enterprises (and more of them, for that matter).. If the IT support firm only has a small number of employees, you might experience delays in services depending on demand.


It’s a good idea to check the reputation of the IT support company you plan to hire. As we touched on before, look for reviews online and check their social media profiles to see what current and past customers have to say. Word-of-mouth references will help you determine the quality of services you should expect to receive.

#3. Support Services Offered

Before hiring IT support, visit the company’s website to see exactly what services they offer and compare them to your current and potential future needs. Many companies provide a variety of in-person and virtual support options. Knowing and comparing the available (or unavailable) support services of your shortlisted IT support candidates will help you to quickly strike the ones that don’t meet your needs off your list.

If you’re unsure whether an IT company can meet your needs, call them and ask for details about their services. It would be prudent to ask about the level of IT support included within each plan and if there is a service level agreement (SLA). You should also ask about what the company includes in their plans and if they offer pre-purchase hours at a lower rate.

#4. Cost

Lastly, the cost is a crucial consideration when hiring IT support. You operate within a budget, and the services you hire need to fit within that budget too. Many support companies offer tiered packages for their IT services. Ask questions about what each package includes, the cost per hour of support, and if there are additional fees such as travel or after-hours fees.

Experienced IT Services in Wellington

When you run a business with multiple PCs, data storage requirements, and other IT needs, you should have a team of experienced IT professionals available to help you when you need it the most. At Dynamite IT Solutions, we offer professional IT services in the Wellington area. Contact us today for a quote on one of our popular IT support packages.

Get Expert Local IT Support With Dynamite IT

As a business owner, IT likely isn’t in your wheelhouse. And with a small budget, accounting for an entire IT department may be an expense that just doesn’t make sense for your business.

We get it. That’s why Dynamite IT Solutions makes managing your computer technology simple and cost effective. Dynamite IT offers a wide range of IT support services in Wellington with plans and packages to maximise the performance of your business. 

As a Wellington based business ourselves, we understand the needs of local businesses. We have tailored our range of managed products and IT services to take the hassle out of your business infrastructure. Our response time is fast as we are based in Upper Hutt and service the Wellington region including Lower Hutt, Wellington CBD and Porirua City.

Dynamite IT believes in building streamlined IT systems that run so smoothly that you forget they’re there in the background. On top of professional IT systems, we also provide expert IT support to ensure you never feel alone. For a local team that can help with everything from 0800 numbers to web design, we are the IT experts you can trust and rely on – give us a call today.

IT Support Trends You Need to Know in 2021

IT Support Trends You Need to Know in 2021

If it weren’t for modern computer networking, 2020 would have been a truly horrible year for many businesses. Thankfully, IT support has made it easy for companies to keep on their feet and remain productive through even the strictest of lockdowns.

With more businesses and individuals leaning on IT support more than ever, the way we work is changing. Long after the pandemic is a distant memory, remote work will likely still be the norm for many businesses, and the newest innovations in IT support will continue to push forward to support an interconnected workforce.

Let’s take a look at some of the IT support trends you need to know in 2021. They may be fairly recent trends, but they’re already changing the way many of us do business every day.

An Expanded Use of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing and cloud storage aren’t new, but they are evolving to accommodate the way business operates. Technology that your average person only uses to store photographs and videos is now being used by businesses to allow employees access to massive datasets from anywhere in the world.

Storing the entirety of your company’s data locally is limiting, both financially and practically. Cloud storage allows all employees to access every bit of data from anywhere, and it gives businesses a decentralized location for storing this data that doesn’t require the energy and physical space that local servers do. No more data storage issues or lost data due to hardware issues makes cloud storage a very attractive and practical option for small and large enterprises alike.

Expanded Cybersecurity

Remote access to sensitive files isn’t without its risks. These risks are why extra cybersecurity measures are so necessary. Much of cybersecurity involves keeping your systems up to date so hackers and cybercriminals can’t find ways to access your data. This requires IT professionals to remain one step ahead of cybercriminals by employing the most cutting edge security protocols and monitoring for newly developing threats on a consistent basis.

Cybersecurity is one of the most pressing issues for businesses today, and more companies are hiring in extra IT support to handle cybersecurity and data security. Without the added protection, hackers could find ways to access sensitive data, which could spell big trouble for businesses.

Utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to everything that is connected to the internet, including your computers, mobile devices, and even security systems. If you can connect it to the internet, you can control it remotely, which has become of great importance for businesses in the last year..

The IoT isn’t just popular in offices, where it can help employees access data faster and improve project management. It’s also becoming popular in everyday household settings. Lightbulbs and home security systems, thermostats and more  can be operated from a cell phone or tablet from anywhere.

If you can control and access your data from anywhere, you don’t have to be in the office physically. The ability to control everything remotely is highly beneficial if you’re travelling or if something prevents your employees from physically being in the office, as we have seen recently. The IoT is continuing to grow, with a new crop of smart devices launching every season, all of which need to be connected and protected.

Automation Technology 

In the simplest terms, automation technology is anything that lets you automate your workload. This technology not only takes the burden or repetitive tasks off of your employees but also reduces the likelihood of mistakes. Engineering firms and manufacturing plants have been at the forefront of this technological change, but we are seeing this discipline move into the average office as well.

Automation also takes the form of sending emails and even making telephone calls, amongst a myriad of other data transfer and storage solutions, and are just part of the way that automation can help your business. There are loads of processes in business that can be automated, freeing up staff to work on crucial tasks.

Using Mobile Applications

Being able to work from anywhere on multiple devices can be a massive benefit for your business. Employees that can work on the go can work from anywhere they happen to be, and that’s good news for both you and your employees.

Having mobile solutions that work smoothly across multiple devices means your employees can increase their productivity by using the device they have on them at any given time. They can work from home, during their commute, or while sitting in the pickup line at their child’s school. This flexibility is good for morale, but it requires extra attention to cloud access and cybersecurity.

Working Remotely

Most of the trends we have mentioned today were pushed to the forefront by necessity. With so much business conducted entirely online, it’s easy to see why you need excellent IT support in place to support your employees and your business’ growth. 

The pandemic showed many businesses that things could be done differently. Many employees began working from home, which increased the need for comprehensive IT support for businesses everywhere. 

For some businesses, having employees work from home will be a permanent change. For many others, a hybrid approach allows them to save costs on overhead and reduce the physical space needed to conduct day-to-day operations. As companies strive to offer better work-life balance for their employees, IT support will be more critical than ever. 

Reliable IT Support for Your Wellington Business

The changing face of business means that your customers are counting on you more than ever, and you can count on us for the IT support your business needs. From reliable and secure cloud storage solutions to spectacular web design, Dynamite IT Solutions will make your business our top priority.

Contact us today to see how our IT support and other services can benefit your business. We’ll take your IT worries off your hands so you can focus on your business and your customers.

What Is a Toll-Free Number and How Does It Work

What Is a Toll-Free Number and How Does It Work?

What Is a Toll-Free Number and How Does It Work?

Are you a business owner who’s bombarded with daily messages asking how to reach you by phone? If this sounds familiar, it might be time to consider getting a toll-free 0800 number. Having a 0800 number may sound a bit retro, but toll-free numbers offer you some sincere advantages over your competition.

Customer service is more important than ever. Due to the ongoing pandemic, customers are exploring new ways to engage and communicate. They need the ability to contact businesses online, by social media, and by phone.

We specialise in offering 0508 and 0800 numbers for New Zealand businesses and know a thing or two about communicating with our customers. When you introduce a toll-free number to your means of contact, you remove a barrier from potential and returning customers contacting you. Below we’ll discuss what a toll-free number is, how it works, and most importantly— why you need one.

What Is a Toll-Free Number?

A toll-free telephone number starts with a four-digit code that is free for people to call from landlines and mobiles within New Zealand. Simply put, if someone from Canterbury needs to call a business over in Auckland, they can do so without incurring long-distance charges on their phone bill. However, wireless customers will have to “pay” for the call using their minutes if their voice service is not unlimited.

Having a business number is expected for customer-service centers, because it gives people a convenient and free way to reach you. New Zealand business numbers start with the prefix 0800 or 0508. 

Signing up for an NZ Business Number

When you sign up for a toll-free number, the provider gives you an unassigned number on a first-come-first-served basis. This number is unique to your company. You also have the option of buying a vanity number, which spells out a word if that particular number is available. Once active, customers can call you on your toll-free number at any time, day or night.

Signing Up for a Toll-Free Number Is Easy

  • Find an available number using our convenient search tool
  • Fill out the accompanying form
  • Within three business days, your selected 0800 number is live

How Our Monthly Pricing Works

Toll-free calls are free for your customers, but you pay for the service by incoming and outgoing calls. We charge a $30 monthly fee that includes $30 worth of charges for incoming or outgoing calls. Our regular calling rates are just 10c per minute, which means you can use 300 minutes of call time for the minimum fee.

If your company doesn’t have an official office, your NZ business number can forward to your cell phone or another landline. The fee for this service starts at the low $30 per month line charge (including $30 in calls). If you are forwarding to a mobile phone, call time is 18c per minute from a landline or 22c per minute from a mobile phone. Forwarding to another landline is 10c per minute from a landline and 14c per minute from a mobile line. 

Our fees are affordable and transparent. For example, if your 0800 number forwards to your mobile phone for the whole month and you use 120 minutes of call time coming from mobile phones, your bill is $30, the minimum fee. It’s a convenient way to keep in touch with your customers and be available to them wherever your travels take you. 

Why Should I Get a Toll-Free Number for My Business?

For many customers, a toll-free phone number means that your business is legitimate. It also makes your listing look professional, whether online, on your business card, or in your marketing materials. When customers perceive your company as trustworthy, they are more likely to use your services or shop with you again. 

Increase Your Customer Base With a Toll-Free Phone Number

A New Zealand business number is an efficient way for your customers to reach you. Customers trust businesses that they can get in touch with in their preferred way. If that means by phone, having a dedicated toll-free number helps them keep in touch with you.

We offer toll-free 0508 and 0800 numbers for businesses, along with business broadband and IT services. If you need a business number that’s available 24/7 for your customers, please contact us at Dynamite IT Solutions.

The Importance of Hiring Help for Cybersecurity

The Importance of Hiring Help for Cybersecurity

When your company collects personally identifiable information (PII), having an ironclad data security policy is a must. Knowing how to manage and secure this data away from hackers is paramount, but it takes planning and skill to do it correctly. A cybersecurity specialist has all the skills needed to protect and secure data for your small business, so choosing the right option is crucial.

Hiring a cybersecurity specialist is an important decision that you should consider if you collect any type of information deemed as PII, including as credit card numbers, home addresses, or any other data that could identify a person. A data specialist puts in place different systems to keep your customer and client data safe, and navigates regulations and new technologies to ensure it stays that way.

Keeping hackers away and avoiding data leaks is far beyond a do-it-yourself approach when the risks include fines, lawsuits, or a loss of revenue. Let’s take a look at exactly why it is important to ensure your data is handled by a cybersecurity specialist. 

Why Do I Even Need to Worry About Cybersecurity?

Hacking and data breaches are more prevalent than they were in the past. According to The National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC) based in the USA, 2019 marked a dramatic increase in data breaches and ransomware exploits. Phishing attacks and social engineering also played a part in many data breaches. 2020 formed another record year for data scamming both on- and offline

Suspicious emails are always a threat, but cybercriminals use many different attack vectors to steal your data. Some criminals use social engineering, by which they contact and and try to gain information over the phone or via emails, posing as customers or even employees to gain protected information such as customer data or login data. They then use the data they acquired over the phone or email to steal even more data from a business. 

What Does a Cybersecurity Specialist Do?

A cybersecurity specialist monitors, secures, and protects data systems from threats and attacks. Analysing current systems for current and future vulnerabilities is an essential function of their work. The specialist can also help small businesses develop a data protection policy for their employees to follow.

5 Benefits of Hiring Help for Cybersecurity

There are many benefits of hiring help to keep your company’s data secure. Below, we focus on the five key benefits of having a cybersecurity expert working with you.

1. You Can Fully Embrace New Technology

Technology changes at a breakneck pace. Customers today expect businesses to adapt and embrace changes such as moving sales and customer support online and keeping up with a social media presence. A cybersecurity specialist will help you plan for, integrate, and protect any new technologies you choose to use.

2. Develop an Effective Cybersecurity Policy

Having policies in place for employees to follow whenever there is a threat or question of who should have access to data is critical to preventing data breaches and leaks. Cybersecurity policies usually include how and where to store data, the type of encryption used, and control of who accesses each kind of data. Your company can add cybersecurity policies into yearly training so that your employees know what processes to follow no matter what happens.

3. Protection From Most Threats

Cybersecurity professionals have the experience to secure your company’s data to protect against many types of threats. They will create secure data backups so that if your data becomes compromised by hackers, it will not be entirely lost. The IT professional also trains your employees to recognise phishing emails or texts and social engineering attempts.

4. Protection From Lawsuits and Data Loss

Lawsuits over data breaches are more and more common. LinkedIn settled a 1.25 million US dollar class-action lawsuit in 2015 over a 2012 data breach that compromised 6.5 million accounts. If a hacker exposes important consumer data, you could be on the hook for millions of kiwi dollars. 

Ransomware is another threat. Unlike data breaches, ransomware encrypts all of your data and demands a ransom to unlock it. In many cases, even if you did pay, you may still lose the data. A cybersecurity professional can mitigate the risk of data breaches and loss. 

5. Customers Will Trust You

For many consumers, keeping their data secure when doing business online and in person is a genuine concern. Just one instance of a data breach could cost you a significant drop in repeat business. Also, being transparent in the steps you’ve taken to avoid being a target for hackers boosts confidence in the consumers who use your services. Backing up your promise of security with professional grade encryption and modern data security techniques demonstrates your commitment to consumer privacy.

We Are IT Professionals

Whether you’re looking at integrating cloud storage into your business, need a New Zealand business number, advanced data security, or general IT services, Dynamite IT is here to help. We’re always at the forefront of new information technologies and implementing them into your business best.

As a Wellington based business ourselves, we understand the needs of local businesses. We have tailored our range of managed products and IT services to take the hassle out of your business infrastructure. Our response time is fast as we are based in Upper Hutt and service the Wellington region including Lower Hutt, Wellington CBD and Porirua City.
Dynamite IT believes in building streamlined IT systems that run so smoothly that you forget they’re there in the background. On top of professional IT systems, we also provide expert IT support to ensure you never feel alone. For a local team that can help with everything from 0800 numbers to web design, we are the IT experts you can trust and rely on – give us a call today.

Why Should I Have a Toll-Free Number For My Business?

Why Should I Have a Toll-Free Number For My Business?

The past year caused many businesses to change how they communicated with customers and forced them to adapt to more digital means of communication. Customers also expected a fast turnaround for service issues and the ability to connect 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at a time when the workforce was shifting to remote assistance as the norm. Having a dedicated phone line for customer calls is an effective means for communication and offers an opportunity for your business to connect to customers professionally, no matter the time of day.

The ability to connect to your customers at all times is paramount for success. Having a New Zealand business number available for them to call day or nite helps you connect and build rapport with the community you serve.

Here we discuss why having a toll-free number set up for your business is so important in 2021. We’ll also walk you through some of the options and add-ons available for toll-free NZ business numbers.

What Is a Toll-Free Number?

A toll-free telephone number starts with either 0508 or 0800 in New Zealand. It is a business number that allows customers to call the number free from any landline within the country without incurring long-distance charges through their phone company. Instead, the business that owns the toll-free number incurs the cost for customers to call in, usually at a per-minute rate.

Reason #1: Professional Look

The most important reason you should consider signing up for an NZ business number is to increase your legitimacy. Having an officially dedicated toll-free number for customers to call you at gives customers the impression that your company is well-established in the community and dedicated to serving them. Having that open point of contact makes you seem trustworthy.

Word Numbers

You have the option of choosing a toll-free number that spells out a word or phrase, called a word number or vanity number. Word numbers may include the name of your business or a catchphrase, as long as the number is available for use. For example, a popular trash removal service has the number 0800-GOT-JUNK. The wording of the number defines what they do and makes it easy for consumers to remember their phone number easily.

Reason #2: Convenience

A dedicated business phone number is an easy way for customers to contact you, especially when the number is free for them to call. Display your 0800 number on social media profiles, business listings, and your business cards. Your goal is to communicate with customers on their preferred service, whether by phone, text, social media, or email. Having these choices available allows you to have omnichannel communication, where all of your ways to communicate are connected. All the consumer needs to do is choose which way they would like to contact you.

An 0800 Number Moves with You

Don’t dread moving offices or locations. Your business number comes with you wherever your office or business goes. Even if your new location is not ready for service, 0800 numbers offer the option of call forwarding so that you never miss a call.

Reason #3: Accessibility

Your 0800 business number is accessible to your customers 24/7. They can call you any time and either speak to an employee or leave a message for you to respond to during business hours. Always having that line of communication open helps you build rapport and trust.

Reason #4: Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is one of the most popular services that toll-free numbers offer. When you have your business number set to forward calls, it connects your incoming calls to a different phone number. You can set call forwarding incoming calls to your mobile number, another business line, or a voice-over-IP (VOIP) system.

As we touched on previously, call forwarding offers a lot of flexibility. If your company is large enough to hire a call centre or contract with a company for customer service, your business number will forward incoming calls to the call centre. If your company is small, you could have incoming calls forwarded to your cell phone when you are not in the office so that customers can always reach you.

Reason #5: Affordability

New Zealand business numbers are affordable. Expect to pay per minute for your 0800 number, so short and sweet calls are best. Call termination rates vary depending on whether your customers call from a landline or cell phone and also whether you have call forwarding set up. When you sign up for services, look over your rate plan to understand the different charges to budget usage.

Get Your 0800 Number Set Up Today

A 0800 number is an affordable way for your customers to keep in touch with you. At Dynamite IT Solutions, we offer business 0508 and 0800 numbers. Contact us today to find out how we can help you stay in touch with your clientele.

We offer some of the best priced free phone number plans in New Zealand. With a minimum monthly charge of $30 and incoming calls from only 10c a minute, getting the best 0800 number for your business has never been so cost-effective and easy.

With a New Zealand free phone number, making it free to call your 0800 number from a mobile could be the difference between a potential client calling you or a competitor. As competition levels increase for businesses around New Zealand, make the decision today to remove this barrier from clients contacting your business.

How Can IT Make a Big Impact on My Business?

How Can IT Make a Big Impact on My Business?

Running a business can be very stressful. It takes a great deal of organisation and knowledge of business operations to have a successful business and maintain that success. Innovative technologies are transforming the world’s economies. However, post-pandemic businesses have very different technological needs than they did pre-pandemic. 

Information technology (IT) can significantly affect your business, resulting in time and money efficiencies that allow your business to plan and scale for your future. Having an expert team to manage your technology solutions and keep your data safe is a must in 2021 and beyond, but many business owners don’t know where to start when it comes to building out their IT infrastructure. 

That’s okay! 

Small businesses are reaching for all-in-one outsourced IT solutions now more than ever, as dedicated outsourced teams can provide a level of expertise and cost-savings unmatched by what they can afford in-house.

Understanding Information Technology

Information technology is the application of technical expertise to enable organisations in management, optimisation, and access of data, networks, and technology as it applies to business.. IT includes hardware, software, communications, and computer applications.  More and more, digital solutions are replacing analog ones. Even office phones in businesses are now Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems rather than relying on traditional phone lines.

IT is everywhere we go, through complicated chains of communication with high security and high reliability. Information technology it’s how we create, store, share and transmit data as a business.  So how can IT have the most significant impact on your business? Let’s take a look at some of the ways IT makes the biggest impact in the post-pandemic era.

#1. Cloud-Based Services

IT services based in the cloud have remote access capabilities. Cloud service providers tend to lease their software, hardware, and operating systems to their customers. Cloud services generally take responsibility for maintaining the programs and equipment. 

These services then eliminate the need for a business to have a lot of physical space. Cloud storage then frees the business from having to purchase costly equipment or pay for upgrades, updates, and maintenance. 

With cloud-based services, a business can choose to pay for the amount of storage they need, or a specific surface which in turn, can free up operating income and lesson expenses. The best part about using cloud-based services — especially storage — is that a business can upgrade or downgrade any time. You never need to pay for what you do not use. 

#2. Automated Business Processes

Businesses have more to do than ever before to continue to grow and prosper. Whenever a company can automate business processes, it should. Automated processes can improve efficiency and save money in the long-run, allowing for teams to stay focused on their workflow instead of tracking every last detail of recurring tasks. 

#3. Remote Workforce

Before the pandemic hit, most businesses relied heavily on in-house employees being on-site day-to-day.. During the pandemic, companies across the world had to adjust and scramble to alter their processes to accommodate their entire workforce in working-from-home. This presented a major challenge for IT departments all over the world, who had to develop the infrastructure to support multiple WFH departments full of employees on short notice. . Post-pandemic, businesses are largely still utilising work-from-home options for some of their staff, and many are adapting to more of a hybrid model. 

Having a remote workforce does require information technology to be available at your employees’  fingertips from home. Although that does require some up-front investment, a remote workforce saves on overhead costs and increases employee satisfaction. 

In fact, many businesses have recognised they no longer need every employee to be in the office to be productive, and are investing in their futures with hybrid workforces, finding that it has cut expenses and reduced liability without compromising on efficiency..

#4. Mobile Technology

Utilising the latest mobile technology such as software and apps allows an organisation to be less tied to their desks and able to be wherever they need to be at a moment’s notice. 

Mobile technology allows for increased convenience, efficiency and speed. No one needs to wait for answers until they get back to the office because the answers are at their fingertips via mobile integrations for every productivity application your team uses. 

#5. Data Security

Data security is critical for any business. Cybercriminals are getting smarter all the time, and data needs impenetrable protection now, more than ever. Many organisations have multiple tiers of security layers to keep hackers at bay, and that need isn’t going away any time soon.

Not only do employees rely on data security, but customers and clients do too. Data security can mean anything from a patients’ confidential information, to a student’s special education documents, to a customer’s credit card information—any sensitive information stored in your database—and all it takes is one data breach from a motivated hacker to expose it to the world, putting your business at risk of a lawsuit and fines. 

Consumers and employees have a right to expect that their data is protected. It is your responsibility as a business to ensure that their data is kept safe when it has been entrusted to you. Keeping your database encrypted and your devices protected is essential to keeping that trust.

#6. Help Desk

Setting up a help desk is a great way to meet the needs of your employees and your consumers. No employer wants their staff to suffer from downtime due to technical issues. A proper help desk gets employees up and running as quickly as possible.

From a consumer perspective, a help desk allows for them to get answers and support as quickly as possible. Ticketing systems can be handled through forms, chats, emails, phone calls, and more. The system should be versatile to ensure a range of options and a guarantee of convenience for all involved.

Information Technology And Your Business

As a business owner, IT likely isn’t in your wheelhouse. And with a small budget, accounting for an entire IT department may be an expense that just doesn’t make sense for your business.

We get it. That’s why Dynamite IT Solutions makes managing your computer technology simple and cost effective. Dynamite IT offers a wide range of IT support services in Wellington with plans and packages to maximise the performance of your business. 

As a Wellington based business ourselves, we understand the needs of local businesses. We have tailored our range of managed products and IT services to take the hassle out of your business infrastructure. Our response time is fast as we are based in Lower Hutt and service the Wellington region including Upper Hutt, Wellington CBD, Porirua City and Kapiti Coast.

Dynamite IT believes in building streamlined IT systems that run so smoothly that you forget they’re there in the background. On top of professional IT systems, we also provide expert IT support to ensure you never feel alone. For a local team that can help with everything from 0800 numbers to web design, we are the IT experts you can trust and rely on – give us a call today.