PC and Laptop Support

With the closure of Fergus Computers, the Upper Hutt community has lost a local and reliable computer store.

We’ve helped a number of ex Fergus Computers clients with repairs and maintenance and we’re based only minutes from Upper Hutt CBD at our home office in Elderslea.

Dynamite IT started back in 2007, however, Fraser’s interest in IT started early. At 14 he enjoyed nothing more than taking computers apart and when he reached university age, he knew this was for him, choosing computer-related training. Fraser has always enjoyed the satisfaction of a job well done and he loves to troubleshoot issues and streamline things. IT is a constantly evolving industry and Fraser enjoys keeping up with the latest technology to make improvements which will benefit you.

Problems with your PC or Laptop? Feel like it’s not running the fastest? Need a hand with configuring secure wifi? Need to block the kids from accessing dodgy websites? give Fraser from Dynamite IT a call, 04 977 8255 or 0800 006 009

Examples of recent work

Problem: A 2-year-old laptop, running slow and sometimes freezing (6 minutes to start up, and generally slow to use, eg Chrome takes 4-5 seconds to open).

Solution: We replaced the hard drive with a solid state drive, and cloned the old disk.  By cloning the disk, this means it takes a complete copy of it, so all programs, photos and documents are untouched.  Because a solid state drive is so much faster than a traditional hard drive, the laptop now takes 14 seconds to startup, and Chrome is open in a blink of the eye and it doesn’t freeze anymore.

Cost: $400-$450

Problem: 3-year-old PC won’t start up, this PC is quite unique, it has a 2 hard drives that mirror each other (known as RAID).  Any information on one hard drive is duplicated to the other. One of the hard drives had died completely.

Solution: Because RAID requires 2 disks, we replaced the dead disk, and the PC booted as normal. No data was lost (as it was still on the working drive)

Cost: $150-$200

Problem: A 3-year-old laptop battery doesn’t hold a charge, and the laptop shuts down randomly

Solution: We replaced the battery, as the clips that hold it in place were damaged and the battery no longer held charge

Price: $100 – $130

Problem: A 4 year old laptop keeps turning itself off.

Solution: We replaced the cooling fan as it wasn’t spinning fast enough to extract the warm air

Cost: $70-$100

Problem: Mobile phone screen has stopped working, and photos need to be recovered

Solution: Replaced phone screen

Cost: $170 (depending on model)