How Safe is Online Cloud Storage for Your Business Data?

How Safe is Online Cloud Storage for Your Business Data?

Technology tends to change quite rapidly. We are no longer in the days of giant floppy disks for data storage, servers racks that take up an entire room, and nightly physical backups.  11-inch laptops have replaced mainframe computers with ten times more memory and highly portable form factors. While hard drives tend to offer plenty of storage for our basic needs, cloud storage has become the new norm, especially for business. 

But, how safe is online cloud storage for your business’ data?

With changes in technology happening so quickly, it can be challenging to keep up.  Some changes are scarier than others, especially when it comes to keeping your important data safe. Let’s take a look into the details of enterprise cloud storage and see if it’s safe for you and your clients. 

What Is “The Cloud”?

The cloud refers to a network of remote servers where stored data is accessible to authorised users via the internet. The data is not kept on the personal laptop or portable memory stick, but rather “in the cloud.” The cloud allows organisations to purchase and maintain fewer servers on-site, instead relying on off-site hosting of their files for convenience, security, and cost savings.

How Does The Cloud Work?

Before cloud computing and storage, businesses needed to spend a great deal of money on local servers and associated maintenance. Companies would be responsible for their own physical backups, requiring labor time and costs. 

Now the process is much more straightforward. Access to the data occurs over the internet. The organisation providing the cloud storage can protect their data, backing it up and making it available whenever the data is needed.  

Cloud storage also allows for redundancies, protection that may not be readily unattainable with on-site servers. Redundancy refers to the storage of multiple copies of files across several physical locations, and is necessary for the complete security of data.  In the case of a server failure, redundancy ensures that your data is not lost, and can be accessed at any time .

One of the most popular consumer cloud storage options  is Google Drive As you are no doubt aware, Google Drive allows the storage and sharing of files that are uploaded to Google’s cloud servers. Parameters are assigned for each party a file or folder is shared with, such as viewing or editing permissions. Streaming services like Netflix and Youtube are also cloud-based services that most utilise the power of cloud storage to provide instant access to content to subscribers at a moment’s notice.

Cloud technology frees up its users from the need for extensive physical storage, hefty local servers, and the worry of losing data stored on that single point of failure. 

Benefits of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is helping to make our virtual community more successful than we could have ever imagined.  

Benefit #1: Decentralised Data Storage

It is rare for a business to store data centrally. The world is now so reliant on virtual experiences requiring decentralised data storage that ensures redundancy and reliable access to living files across departments, branches, and companies. 

Benefit #2: Size

Centralised data storage will quickly become cost-prohibitive, especially as local server space becomes limited. Expansion of local servers is a costly, bulky, and time-intensive venture that is hard to properly plan for in advance.

Benefit #3: Travel Work

Not all employees may be able to work remotely, while others may need portable access to company data as an ordinary course of business. For example, a client needs you to do a presentation at their physical site. Data access is critical for that presentation, and the cloud makes the data fully accessible. Expecting employees to carry around physical media to present for clients is a risky and outmoded practice that has been made obsolete by secure, fast, and easily accessible cloud storage.

Benefit #4: Remote Work

Since the pandemic has changed the landscape of work as wee know it, more and more employees are working remotely, part- or even full-time.  Cloud storage allows these employees to work seamlessly and share live data just as productively as if they were in the office.  

Benefit #5: Cost Savings

  • Reduced spending on physical servers.
  • Reduced staffing to monitor backups.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Reduced costs for physical data redundancy.
  • Outsourcing of server space reduces the need for extensive IT staff in-house. To that end, IT can be entirely outsourced with some cloud providers who offer full-service IT solutions for business.
  • Employees can work remotely, reducing overhead costs.

Non-Tangible Benefits

  • Security in the knowledge that data is protected
  • Reduction in downtime for technological issues
  • Data is encrypted to deter intruders and secure sensitive information
  • Users can access data with some combination of username, password, and other criteria for authentication
  • Two factor authentication further secures data by requiring multiple points of verification for access
  • As long as you have access to the internet, you can access your data
  • Updates can be executed companywide in a matter of minutes
  • Built-in firewalls keep data even more secure
  • Employees have the freedom to work from the road, home, or the office with instant access, leaving them free to be productive in the environment that suits their workflow best
  • Employees are less likely to utilise paid leave when their schedule allows for them to handle life’s emergencies on their terms

Encryption Of Data

Data storage in the cloud is encrypted and often requires multiple levels of authentication to access. Data stored on a desktop or laptop’s physical storage is less secure and subject to malware and phishing attempts from malicious actors.

Cloud storage often has enterprise- or even military-grade encryption, securing your data from even the most dedicated of hackers.

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