Why Your Business Needs On-Call IT Support

Why Your Business Needs On-Call IT Support

Do various IT issues overwhelm or take away from your small businesses’ productivity? It does not matter what type of small business – If you run a website, eCommerce storefront, or even simply manage a handful of computers on a local network, investing in professional IT support is a must for cybersecurity, productivity and data protection.

With new technologies emerging as rapidly as they do, companies need to stay up to date to succeed. If you struggle to keep up with your small business’s technical demands, your customers will be the first to notice. Choosing to bring in industry professionals (whether in-house or outsourced) will help alleviate these consistent headaches and convey to your customers and clients that you aren’t about to fade into the past. But, is that an option with your budget? 

Being able to focus on your business and not on technical difficulties might seem like a luxury… but it’s not. You don’t have time to fuss with misbehaving computers, servers, networks or websites – you’ve got a business to run. Let’s take a look at our top 6 reasons why your business needs on-call IT support to take charge of your fiscal year.

Reason #1: Cost Effectiveness

IT support professionals are worth the investment – full stop

However, there is a better way to have support from an experienced IT team without breaking your budget. When you relay responsibilities like your broadband services to a professional IT service, their sole responsibility is to make sure their professionals are available around the clock to handle anything your devices, network, or website might throw your way. Not only do you get round the clock support, but you do so at a fraction of what it would cost to source, hire, and provide benefits for an in-house team of your own.

Reason #2: Enhances Your Business’s Security

Data is a primary concern no matter what kind of business you run. You need to have that data available with a reliable cloud backup going at all times. However, managing cloud systems with sensitive information requires enterprise-level encryption and monitoring. As a small business owner, you don’t have the time to manage IT infrastructure 24/7 – that’s a full-time job in-and-of-itself and you’ve got a business to run. 

By handing off this duty to a professional IT service provider, you not only take the burden off of your own team, but you gain the experience, diligence, and insurance that comes along with their pedigree.

Reason #3: Embraces New Technologies to Advance

While it may be your job to understand the newest trends and how they affect your business, it will be your IT service’s job to implement new technologies and keep your digital world going. Outsourcing IT also gives you a leg up, as your team can inform you of the latest technologies as they emerge and help you prepare for implementation of better or more reliable systems as they become relevant to you and the industry. This can give you a continual edge on the competition. 

You will spend less time having to play catch-up, and with a brief overview of those new technologies as they become relevant, you will be better equipped to compete in the digital space with less time spent on what-ifs. 

With professional IT guidance you can trust, you’re ready to use new technologies to advance your company’s goals and seek areas for further expansion, but only when it’s the right choice for your business needs. 

Reason #4: Maximises Company Productivity and Efficiency

Having a tech support company ensures your business productivity and efficiency stay at an increased level. Website bugs, errors, and confusion can take up a lot of valuable time and having to stop the production of any services or face downtime on your eCommerce store impedes your bottom line in a way that no small business can afford.  

Don’t let unwanted downtime take a chunk out of your bottom line. With professional IT support, your team takes care of your site, your servers, your network, and even your phones! You can rest assured that a quality team is tackling your technologies head-on and with minimal (or no) interruption to you or your customer’s experience. 

Reason #5: 24/7 Access to Technical Support

Websites run 24/7. 

Your business may not keep the same hours, but your website does. When issues creep up after hours, you need access to IT support at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s 3am or just after closing time, you need assurance that any technical issues will be resolved in short order so that your systems keep running and your best marketing asset (your website) is always available to complete transactions or deliver leads.

Get a goodnight’s rest knowing your IT team is there to ensure everything is running smoothly around the clock.

Reason #6: Increases Your Company’s ROI

Investing in IT support may seem like a costly investment. However, this type of investment tends to carry a high ROI by maintaining your revenue-generating assets (phone systems for sales calls, website for leads and conversions, servers and networks for processing transactions, etc.) and preventing them from going offline.

Professional tech support eliminates the worry that comes along with needing to independently keep up with a rapidly advancing technological business landscape. Better yet, it does so with a static cost that allows you to budget for IT without surprises, and eschew the in-house costs of department scaling down the line. Having a team of IT professionals at work allows your company to expand as needed without increasing payroll for the number of employees in your IT Department.

By taking your investment and putting it with a team of outsourced industry professionals, you choose financial security in an ever-increasing (and otherwise expensive) aspect of business. 

Decide the Future of Your Business Today

As a business owner, IT likely isn’t in your wheelhouse. And with a small budget, accounting for an entire IT department may be an expense that just doesn’t make sense for your business.

We get it. That’s why Dynamite IT Solutions makes managing your computer technology simple and cost effective. Dynamite IT offers a wide range of IT support services in Wellington with plans and packages to maximise the performance of your business. 

As a Wellington based business ourselves, we understand the needs of local businesses. We have tailored our range of managed products and IT services to take the hassle out of your business infrastructure. Our response time is fast as we are based in Upper Hutt and service the Wellington region including Lower Hutt, Wellington CBD and Porirua City.

Dynamite IT believes in building streamlined IT systems that run so smoothly that you forget they’re there in the background. On top of professional IT systems, we also provide expert IT support to ensure you never feel alone. For a local team that can help with everything from 0800 numbers to web design, we are the IT experts you can trust and rely on – give us a call today.

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